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Harley Quinn - Costumes.

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I don’t want to write out a Tumblr version so just read the post about it here!

After a while some instruction manuals will get bent out of shape just from being in their cases—here’s how I managed to get them flattened again. It involves putting them in the oven so it sounds like an awful idea, but after several experiments I haven’t damaged any of them yet.

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2 - DC Comics November Solicitations

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I had this idea where the next Tony Hawk game you unlock Eva 1

I don’t know which background style I like more

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Rebloging because it is still my favorite post I’ve ever posted.

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August 11, 2014 RIP Robin Williams.  Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA

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Stardust — A 3D top-down sci-fi space exploration game by Pascal and meIt is a small two man side project for now. The game is in early state and will be released in late 2015. While working on Proven Lands, I’ve been in touch with Pascal who backed our Kickstarter campaign. After a few tons of crazy mails exchanges about sci-fi, space exploration and influences like Alien and Outland, we became friends and decided to do a small space exploration game together. We just love Alien, Starflight and games with a sense of exploration, danger and wonder. Check Pascal’s Patreon page where he’s showing some Stardust art too.

This project has some incredible art so far. However just a side project set to be released further into the future, you can check out their current project Proven Lands, a sci-fi sandbox survival game that’s been Greenlit on Steam!

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