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32, 613 people understand this. Please explain


nobody say a word

I’m trying to think what it could possibly be other than where my brain automatically went. I got nothin.

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disney channel used to have the best shows

Wtf was life with Derek ? Who Derek only Derek I know is Derek Jeter. That’s how you spell it righ ?

Life with derek was this show about how this guy derek and his family, and kasey and her family become one family. Their parents get married and the kids learn how to get along, kasey was one of the main characters and you saw a lot of things from her point of view. She has to deal with her new brother derek who she really doesn’t like cause he’s kind of a dick.

^^fun fact, life with Derek got canceled cause they had too much sexual tension between the “step siblings”.

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Was the Sonic shirt not enough of a hint for you

my favorite part of forrest gump




Isn’t that what art is?

hey look, you’re college humor famous now!

Man this blog is trash. I also like how they took something that came out of my brain-mind, and slapped their huge logo on it, like almost taking credit for it? It wasn’t even a serious post it was meant to be funny/ridiculous, so you can’t put your weak ass logo on it and claim it and make fun of something that was intentionally supposed to be funny.

MAn fuck this piece of shit site up its ass. Like there was one where a lady was like “Panera isn’t open so I have to go to Starbucks to get a hot chocolate.” whats wrong with wanting Panera and complaining about it being closed?

I really want some new pajamas from Old Navy because my current pajamas are too big and I have to like tie a knot or whatever with the string and its annoying when i have to go to the restroom. Should that be featured on their stupid blog? “OMG THIS GUYS PAJAMAS ARE TOO BIG AND HE WANTS TO GO TO OLD NAVY AND BUY A SMALLER SIZE, WHAT AN ENTITLED PIECE OF SHIT”

i just want some pajamas! LEAVE ME ALONE. 



Project by Tom Scott takes scanned jpeg image files of Romeo & Juliet play and presents the reinterpreted text from image compression in print:

JPEG image compression is lossy. Every time you edit and save a picture, some of the original content is lost. But it’s difficult to see that with the naked eye, so I compressed Shakespeare instead.

“O Romep+ Rpldo wiepffnre arr!riov Romep@
Dgoy thz gatggr `me tefusf sgx n`me!”

That’s the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, compressed at “maximum” quality in Photoshop: I loaded the text as a RAW, then outputted the compressed file back to plain text.

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Frozen Meets GTA IV

Guilty of breaking and entering our hearts.

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Still to this day my favorite comic

Okay let me tell you this story my teacher told me in like 6th grade that I still somehow remember to this day. And by somehow, I mean it was fucking hilarious and I’ll never stop laughing.

In college she was a teacher’s aid for an anatomy class or something or another. On the day they were suppose to examine an actually corpse one of the past students came in with an empty body bag. To put it simply, he pretended to be the dead body they were going to examine that day.

She knew this shit was going to be hilarious so she played along and pretended everything was going according to the plan. When the instructor came in and didn’t even check to make sure everything was in order. Nope, came in around the same time as the students and began the lesson straight away.

About 5 minutes a low moan came from the body bag, like something you’d hear out of a zombie movie.

Some of the closer students tilts their head and frown, but they doesn’t say anything. The instructor doesn’t even notice.

A little bit afterwards he moans loader. A few more people hear it this time around. They are understandably a bit worried, and a bit scared. This time the Instructor does notice, but he rolls his eyes.

For the next 10 minutes there is no noise from the body bag. The students have calmed by this point and the Instructor is winding down his lecture and about ready to move on to the practical.

Right as the Instructor moves over to the table the body bag is sitting on, the dude sits straight up in the bag and makes the stupidest zombie moans known to mankind.

Everyone straight up flips their shit. One of the girls ends up puking because she’s so scared and the rest of the students are running out the classroom, knocking over furniture, and screaming in terror.


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nick fury has got his arms around natasha like she’s the mother of his child and tony stark is that child and they’ve just heard the news about what tony did at school today and they don’t know how to best discipline him or how they manged to raise such a failure of a child

is that not the plot of iron man 2


Easy breezy beautiful covergirl.

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